Mobile Device Tips

Tips All Mobile Device Users Should Know
  1. Turn on Auto Lock Password Protection on phones or tablets – If company e-mails or documents are on the device, set a password and turn it on to prevent unwanted users accessing the data on your phone.
  2. Turn on Find My Phone – When do most people think about using a location tool? After they have lost their phone. Be prepared, set up location services, remote lock, remote wipe and know how to use these valuable tools.  Do this now!
  3. Encrypt Your Data – Especially on laptops! – Once implemented, it is automatic and secure. Protect your data from theft, invest in a data encryption software solution and deploy to your mobile workforce.
  4. Cloud – Keep important business documents stored in the cloud not locally on your device.  Now revisit item  #1 – Lock password.
  5. Anti-Virus – Protect your device from Malware and virus attacks. Install and keep your virus protection up to date.
  6. Free Wi-Fi can be dangerous – Some networks are not safe, choose your Wi-Fi carefully.  Be sure your device has its firewalls up!
  7. Back Up Often – Setup a back-up schedule to ensure you have a copy of your data, just in case you drop your mobile device in the resort pool, um, I mean your morning mug of coffee.
  8. Mobile Device AnalysisContact us today for a free mobility analysis.

Mobile Device Facts

  • 1.75 billion smart phones are used today
  • 4.55 billion mobile users worldwide in 2014
  • 72% expect mobile use to expand in their businesses

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By Jessica Tinordi,