More IT departments are allowing mobile device and Mac usage.  Is your data encrypted?

More companies are allowing employees to use their mobile devices for business, opening the doors to new data threats.

You trust your employees, but what if they lose their phone?  Your business data could be compromised!

Sophos surveyed IT managers to find out how they handle the challenge of device diversity across their organizations and found that 78% support or plan to support Mobile and Macs on their networks.*

78% of IT Managers plan to support Macs

41% of IT Managers see Mac / Mobile usage increasing

75% still have not adopted Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The latest version of Sophos Cloud, the managed security solution, has just been released. It includes innovative solutions to protect businesses from the ever-changing security challenges they face today.

This new Sophos Cloud version is the only service to manage Windows, Macs and mobile devices from a single console!

Centralized IT management over all your devices, effortless deployment and easy to use security management tools.

* For the Full Story, read Sophos Cloud brings simplicity to managing Windows, Macs and mobile devices by Bill Lucchini, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sophos Cloud.

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By Jessica Tinordi,