Your Own Private “drop-box” Solution – Synology Cloud Stations

synology  4 Reasons to Choose Synology Cloud Stations 

1. Your Own Private Cloud – Control over your security
2. Scalable Unlimited Storage – Expand Storage when you need it
3. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions – Protect your digital data
4. Backup Multiple Computers – No matter the platform (Windows, Apple, or Linux)

Businesses of tomorrow understand the need to securely share and access the data they need, from anywhere. The ability to take files with you and to share any important data between computers is a necessity. With Synology you get all the flexibility of the “drop box” like tools, but you have the control over your security.

Synology Private Cloud storage is a business ready solution that offers personalized security to protect your digital documents, records, photos, videos, and more. The Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device that can be easily installed and set up in your server room, or hosted at our secure hosting facility.

Our experts can help you evaluate the Synology Cloud Storage Solutions and make recommendations for which solution is best for your storage and business needs.

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By Jessica Tinordi,