Microsoft, Homeland Security, Recommend Avoiding Microsoft IE Browsers Until Security Issue is Resolved




A new security vulnerability in Internet Explorer has been reported and Microsoft is recommending that you avoid using Internet Explorer until the security flaw has been resolved.


Light Industries recommends that you change your default browsers to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox until the security flaw is patched.

How to change your default browser to Google Chrome

How to change your default browser to Mozilla Firefox

More Information:

The Department of Homeland Security has also advised users to consider alternative to IE

CNN Story and Additional Information

The Official Link from Microsoft 

As always we suggest safe browsing so if you are unable to change your default browser because of the applications you use, you can enable “High Security” or disable services within Internet Explorer to help secure it better.

As part of our efforts to inform and educate our clients about threats to the security of their data, Light Industries will make every effort to make you aware of threats and the potential impact on your organization and your staff’s general use of the internet.

We continue to proactively address and update our systems as necessary.  Again, due to the high importance of this particular threat, we want to make sure you are informed and can take steps to assure the security of your data.

When a patch is released for this issue, we will let you know and schedule a time to install it onto your machines.

Questions? Contact your IT Support Desk or please call us on 443-795-5110.

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Heartbleed – Security Threat

heartbleedWhat is Heartbleed?  

The latest security vulnerability announced on Monday that could potentially affect the entire worldwide web. Heartbleed can expose sensitive user data including usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.

Who has been affected by Heartbleed?

Websites that use Open SSL could be vulnerable. Last Pass states that “roughly two-thirds of all websites on the internet use this OpenSSL crytolgraphic library” that could be affected. Websites that have been infected include Yahoo and many others.

What should I do?

1. Change your passwords on a regular basis.
2. Check your websites that you have entrusted with sensitive data to see if they have been affected.
3. If the site has been affected, wait to update your password.  Once affected websites have re-issued certificates (release a patch), update your passwords.
4. Keep an eye on your credit card balances and report any inconsistencies to you bank immediately.

Questions? Contact your IT Support Desk

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Your Own Private “drop-box” Solution – Synology Cloud Stations

synology  4 Reasons to Choose Synology Cloud Stations 

1. Your Own Private Cloud – Control over your security
2. Scalable Unlimited Storage – Expand Storage when you need it
3. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions – Protect your digital data
4. Backup Multiple Computers – No matter the platform (Windows, Apple, or Linux)

Businesses of tomorrow understand the need to securely share and access the data they need, from anywhere. The ability to take files with you and to share any important data between computers is a necessity. With Synology you get all the flexibility of the “drop box” like tools, but you have the control over your security.

Synology Private Cloud storage is a business ready solution that offers personalized security to protect your digital documents, records, photos, videos, and more. The Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device that can be easily installed and set up in your server room, or hosted at our secure hosting facility.

Our experts can help you evaluate the Synology Cloud Storage Solutions and make recommendations for which solution is best for your storage and business needs.

Contact us to schedule a demo.

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